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Your Frequently Asked Questions  about Big Splash Water World: the travelling inflatable water park! 

Is adult supervision required? YES

Yes adult supervision is required at all times if your children are 16 yrs & under. 

Do I need to bring my swimmers to Big Splash Water World ? YES

Yes.  You will need to bring swimmers or a swim rashie.

We personaly find swim rashie's are better for the slides at Big Splash Water World as all of the slides have water on them.

Are the slides height & weight required ? YES

Yes  we have three smaller slides that have height requirements of under 5ft /152 cm tall, Children must be under this height to slide the Shark/ Palm Tree & Rainbow Slides.If you're above this height you can only slide the Triple Dipper & also The Little Dipper

*The Triple Dipper & The little Dipper has NO height requirement, But it does have a weight requirement of 120kg if you're over this weight you can not slide the slides. **All height & weight requirments are manufactures rules which also state:- *4 yrs and under must slide the Triple Dipper with an adult 18 yrs and older at all times. *If your child is 4yrs & under an Adult 18yrs & over can assist their child/children on the smaller slides. 

Do spectators and babies need to pay ? NO

No its FREE ENTRY for everyone not participating.

But if you choose to slide the slides you must purchase a wrist band.

If your child needs parental assistance on the slides you will require a ticket also,

as this is classed as sliding on the slides.

Children under 1 year is free as our slides are not designed for babies who are unable to walk & climb.

What are the 3hr unlimited wrist band session times?


10am - 1pm 

11am - 2pm 

12pm - 3pm 

  1pm - 4pm 

Do you have smaller slides for smaller children ? YES

Yes we have 3 smaller slides for all ages ranging from 2- 13 years, 

Children 2 yrs must be able to slides the slides or an adult ticket will need to be purchased to assist the child. 

Is your water chlorinated, filted and recycled ? And how do you keep the slides wet ?

Yes our water is chlorinated, with a Chemigem D10 continuously automatic dosing system.

The Chemigem D10 measures how much cholrine & Ph is in the pool water by measuring the ORP of the water, And automatically adjust to the correct levels, Our water is then recycled & filted through a filtration system to stop the unessarsary wastage of water.


The 3 smallers slides have water catchment pools at the bottom,  this water is cholrinated by the Chemigem D10 system filted & recycled back to the top of the slides keeping them wet.


Twice daily our pool waters are tested for cholrine & ph levels and logged. Without these water testing we are unable to operate to the public.


Our largetst slide is operated with a hand held trigger spray hose, The attendent will spray the slide & patron before sliding. 

Are you a smoke free and alcohol free event ? YES

Yes Big Splash Water World is a "SMOKE FREE & ALCOHOL FREE EVENT" 

Do you have EFTPOS? YES

Yes we do, We also have online ticketing, Online ticketing closes 10mins before each session starts. Or as an alternative you can purchase tickets on the day you choose to slide at the ticket booth onsite. 

Can we bring our own food and bbq? YES

We also offer hot food such as Hot chips, Dagwood Dogs and assorted extras, Cold drinks and Icy cold Snow cones is available on site for you to enjoy!

Can we have a birthday party at Big Splash Water World ?

Yes you can hold your child's birthday party with us. 

Please contact us if your wanting to hold your childs party with us, 

Yes you can also bring a cake but we don't allow any other food or drink to be bought into Big Splash Water World.

Big Splash Water World also has free printable birthday invitations availiable if you email us & ask.  

Also as a complimentary Big Splash Water World can also reserve a table for your party at the request of a birthday to be held with us, This option is only availiable for online party bookings. 

Are you trained with first aid & CPR? YES

Yes all  Big Splash Water World attendants are fully trained in First aid & CPR.

Do you provide seating & shade? YES

Yes Big Splash Water World provides shade & seating for your comfort. But feel free to bring your own picnic rug & beach umberella. 

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