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About Us

Big Splash Water World is a travelling inflatable water park! We bring the splash to your town!

Big Splash Water World presents the 

WORLD'S BIGGEST inflatable water slide!!

Dare to ride the world's biggest inflatable waterslide?


Big Splash Water World has bought the biggest inflatable water slide to you, making it the the first in Australia to have this attraction.


This amazing water slide is 55ft High x 180ft Long and 65ft Wide.


This huge slide waterslide has not one but three separate slides providing hours of fun for the whole family.


Children 3 years old to the adrenalin thrill seeker can ride,

but if your 4 years and under you must slide with an adult.


Big Splash Water World also have smaller waterslides for the not so brave. These smaller slides have a small pool at the bottom to give children a thrill of splashing into the water.


All water from the pools is recycled and pumped back to the top of the slides through our filtration system to stop the water wastage. 


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Find Out Where We Are

Big Splash Water World is a travelling inflatable water park.. Which means we travel to your town.


Big Splash Water World can operate with or without town's water presure. When operating without Big Splash Water World can supply their own water. 


Big Splash Water World is available for hire for your corporate functions, fetes, festivals, & parties.


Big Splash Water World can ride between 500-1000 riders per hour.

We have a wide range of Amusement games, Hot food trailers & Marquee shade tents equipped with tables & chairs for spectators comfort.


So come on down and race your friends to the bottom for a awesome family day out!

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